23 Percent of Software Developers Are Addicts

If you haven’t seen the Software Architecture Addict website. Enjoy! Software Architecture Addict

The video was shot with a Nexus 5 mobile phone, a tripod and iStablizer Mount XL and edited with Windows Movie Maker – nothing fancy. The dark scenes were shot against a white wall with minimal lighting. I had some of the text ready in advance, some of it was improvisation. The lighter scenes were shot in Iftah’s office. We talked about the general mood of the manager, handling (or enabling?) the Software Architecture Addict, and we wrote on his laptop a few sentences. Iftah, went off-script (of-course), and I had him do the scripted versions too (of-course). Eventually I took the first video shots and scraped the “scripted” ones.

The first video was actually almost 5 minutes. We showed it in the JavaIL meetup back in May. The reactions were really good to some parts of the video. After editing out the other parts, I showed the versions to Itamar (my Agent : ) and that’s when we added the subtitles, credits slide and called up a meeting. We did a brainstorming session with HR, RnD and Marketing. During that brainstorming session, Oren came up with the website idea and then the quiz was born. A big part of the discussion was about the link back to Forter, this is what we came up with, which I think is not half bad: checkitout

I must give a shout out to Qzzr. The UI is so simple, the support is awesome and their documentation needed for the graphics designer was spot-on. When Polina (our Graphics Designer) showed me the website, I was thrilled. It looked awesome, but not too slick, just like we wanted. And the images you get when you complete the quiz are inspirational. I can stop whenever I want

Here are some facebook insights about the video we posted. The graph shows 586 viewers remained on the video for at least 30 seconds (about 10% of the viewers). You can see the organic bump at first, and the paid bump (200 NIS). The ad cost 200 NIS (~50$), which provided 13,000 viewers, out of which 4,000 engaged. organic_vs_paid

Here are some google analytics. 2888 visitors, Most of them came directly to the URL or from Facebook. Most of them stayed on the site 4:15 minutes (the video is 3:36 minutes) acquisition overview Behavioural overview

And these are the quiz results. They show that only 1 out of 4 developers that took the quiz are true Software Architecture Addicts 🙂 qzzr

We also got a great review from Raz Mizna – the Marketing for HR consultant.saareview

Passes between developers authentically
Mail works . Do not let anyone tell you otherwise . The thing is that most of the emails we receive everyday is are work related – or trying to sell us something . But when the content is interesting, it’s power also passes through the email . After all, I got the link in an email titled “hilarious”. The email thread had dozens of developers who saw it and forwarded it voluntarily to each other. Forter can be satisfied – that was the point.

Well, actually, the point was to have some fun, and make other people laugh from the things we do. Only a few days ago when I had this grand idea of refactoring a huge component in an impossibly short time-frame, Iftah put on that smile that says “Software Architecture Addict”, and Oren said “you brought this on yourself, dude”.