Can we agree on Dependency and Version Management ?

Purpose of the game

Get your team engaged in a heated debate about an opinionated subject
(in this case Versioning and Dependency management)


  • Two groups of developers sitting around a table.
  • A Judge that is very opinionated about the subject. The more controversial the better.
  • A Host that can handle a raging crowd.
  • A cellphone

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The Evolution Of Web UI Data Binding

The Evolution Of Web Data Binding

Have you ever talked passionately about data binding concepts with a backend engineer? I have, and most of the time they look at me as if I were a caveman who doesn’t speak their language… so for all you cavemen (and backend engineers) out there… Let’s get some

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Storm in Under a Second (video + slides)

At Forter our business is all about streaming. We’re utilizing Apache Storm for multiple streaming use cases that require different approaches, namely hight-throughput vs. low latency. In the following lecture I’m describing the different approaches, useful streaming practices that we employ and the rational behind why we chose those practices

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Comparing Message Queue Architectures on AWS

In Forter, we crunch multiple data streams each with its own different requirements. In order to choose the right tool for the job we mapped different event dispatching architectures that suit our needs.

For transaction processing we require durable job queue and for event processing we require high throughput event queue.

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